Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils


Camphor White Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Healing, Liberating, Upliftment

Magical Properties: Divining, Healing

Camphor Essential Oil is the fragrance of the warrior angels. It clears away all timidity, freeing and bringing enlightenment to the spirit. For a eons, Camphor Essential Oil has brought cleansing and purification to the soul. Essential Oil of Camphor acts as a guardian of rebirth and as a spiritual protector.


Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Rebirth, Regeneration, Regrowth

Magical Properties: Healing, Protection, Purification

Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil brings balance and steadiness to the spirit. It encourages us on our path and helps to bring our dreams to reality. Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil holds the spirits of the ancients, teaching us to hold fast to the Earth. Native Americans have long used it for purification.


Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Calm, Nervine, Tranquility

Magical Properties: Wisdom

Clary Sage Essential Oil has a musky, herbaceous scent that brings love to the inner spirit. It encourages calm and restoration. It has physical and psychological attributes and promotes contentment and self-love. Clary Sage Essential Oil will bring the wisdom of the 'sages' when used as a healing oil.


Cypress Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Inner Peace, Trust, Wisdom

Magical Properties: Comfort, Healing, Protection

Cypress Essential Oil has a warm, spicy scent that helps connect the human spirit with the wisdom of the universe. It can feel our sorrow and offer energy and strength to the suffering one. Essential Oil of Cypress has frequencies that travel between the physical world and the spiritual world.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Centering, Concentration

Magical Properties: Healing, Visions

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a woody, camphoraceous scent. It has long been in existence as one of Earth's healers. It encourages emotional balance. Essential Oil of Eucalyptus awakens the spirit of our own healing powers.


Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Generosity, Joy, Spontaneity, Upliftment

Magical Properties: Attunement, Cooperation

Grapefruit Essential Oil awakens the body, mind, and soul. It alerts our spirits to guidance, uplifts our soul, and reconnects us to harmony.


Lavender Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Restorative, Calming

Magical Properties: Happiness, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification Lavender Essential Oil is caring and nurturing. It brings the warmth of protective love from Mother Earth. Lavender Essential Oil lifts the weight of depression and sadness from the spirit, bringing an emotional balance to the psyche. Lavender Essential Oil is a classic and has been used for centuries in healing mixtures, love spells, and purification.


Lemon Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Awareness, Clarity, Rejuvenation

Magical Properties: Purification

Lemon Essential Oil acts as a spiritual cleanser enabling the user to focus and center. It allows the psyche to attract positivity. It opens one to the fruitfulness of life. Lemon Essential Oil is a cleansing scent that represents the earth, the moon, and water.


Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Balance, Calm, Uplifting

Magical Properties: Love, Psychic, Repels

Lemongrass Essential Oil brings calm and helps center one with the simplicity of forgiving; ourselves and others. It teaches us the balance of "Forgive and Forget". Once we realize that we are who we are and all choices have been made by us, Creator will uplift the spirit to see that freedom of choice is only one of the many gifts he has given unto us.

Magically, Lemongrass Essential Oil is widely used in love potions and in love sachets. Essential Oil of Lemongrass can aid in developing psychic powers. Use in the bath, wear as a boy perfume. Sprinkle Lemongrass Essential oil throughout the home, or use diffuser scattered throughout the home, to repel any negativity from entering the home.


Orange Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Creativity, Lightheartedness, Positivity

Magical Properties: Divination, Love, Luck, Money

Orange Essential Oil brings happiness to the heart, regeneration of the spirit, and vitality to the soul. It conquers fears and obsessions. The fresh, tangy scent of Orange Essential Oil can help bring one divination. Use it in the bath to draw love. Wear it as a body perfume to attract luck and wealth.


Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Direction, Humbleness, Mindfulness, Simplicity

Magical Properties: Fertility, Healing, Protection Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil has a clean, fresh, and powerful scent that moves our spirit and brings understanding. It teaches us to embrace nature and inhale its acceptance, presence, and wisdom. Essential Oil of Spruce Hemlock shows us that love is what endures from year to year. It tells us that we should not destroy that which is close to our hearts, for to do so would be to destroy ourselves. Use Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil in Diffuser, (2-3 drops added to water), to cleanse, heal, protect, and purify. It will increase fertility to all who breathe it.


Rosemary Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Clarity, Energy, Upliftment

Magical Properties: Healing, Love, Protection, Purification

Rosemary Essential Oil has a camphoraceous, herbaceous scent, that helps the spirit to receive assistance on the spiritual highway. It helps us remember who and what we are. Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses. It is often burned to help get rid of negativity. For healing purposes, use Rosemary Essential Oil in diffuser or apply (neat) to the skin near an infected area. Essential Oil of Rosemary works as an analgesic, antiseptic, and decongestant. Place 2-3 drops to water in diffuser. Make a sachet for your pillow or simply place 2-3 drops on your pillow for Protection. Wear as a body perfume to attract love.


Damask Rose Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Contentment, Happiness, Patience

Magical Properties: Healing, Love, Protection

Damask Rose Essential Oil brings unconditional love and giving. It gently brings comfort and harmony. Damask Rose Essential Oil is the oil of the Goddess Venus and belongs to the element of water. Damask Rose and Jojoba oil can be applied directly to the skin as a therapeutic and natural rose perfume. Damask Rose Essential Oil brings balance, healing, love and protection.


Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Spiritual Properties: Medicinal

Magical Properties: Strength

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a strengthening, medicinal oil. It can be used to treat most all maladies. In fact, it was often used during war times when pharmaceutical medicines were in short supply. Add a couple of drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to any talisman or amulet to encourage strength.

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